The program is divided into five (5) testing stages. At the end of teach stage, the teams need to submit (1) testing results from interacting directly with users and (2) working plan for the next stage. Based on quality of student works, the organizer will select the teams going to the next stage.

How is a Cash Discount Program different from a surcharge?

A surcharge is a charge added to credit card purchases, whereas a Cash Discount is a price discount for using cash as an alternative to credit card. Surcharges are only allowed in all but 10 states.

Is it legal everywhere in the U.S.?

Yes, Cash Discount Programs are legal in all 50 states.

Will I need to sign a contract?

No obligations or contracts are required through Tandem's Cash Discount Program.

Is the customer service charge calculated by percentage, or is it a flat fee?

You can choose either method.

How will I know when to add a service fee or give a discount?

The service fees and discounts are automatically calculated. Service fees are clearly displayed on transaction receipts.

Can I implement a Cash Discount Program on my own?

We would strongly advise all merchants interested in a Cash Discount Program to use an automated program like Tandem provides. If a fee is incorrectly charged, you would break the guidelines stated by Visa and Mastercard.

How do I select my equipment?

A consultant will be provided to walk you through the selection process and choose the right plan and equipment for your business.

Can Tandem's Cash Discount Program accept all payments?

Tandem's program works with all credit card types. It also works with ApplePay, Android Pay and EMV chips.

Will I need to inform customers?

Yes, it is required by law that customers are informed of the Cash Discount Program prior to making a purchase. We will provide the necessary notice signs, training and support material.

How do I decide if this is right for my business?

A Cash Discount Program can benefit any business that is burdened by the ever-increasing cost of processing credit cards. It is especially beneficial for businesses with small ticket items ($1-10 avg. transaction size). If you have any additional questions about whether or not the program is right for your business, our Representatives are happy to discuss further!

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